These studies and key drawings by Studio Ghibli supervising animator, Masashi Ando, are simply stunning. They are so incredibly observed that you’re not looking at a bunch of lines on paper, you’re looking at a soul jumping off the page. The subtleties Ando is able to achieve with his drawings are remarkable. From the overall gesture of the pose, to the folds of the clothes all the way down to the way the her hair falls on her face. All of these elements beautifully work together to create an amazing and expressive drawing.

The top page is my favorite. Every ounce of those drawings communicate a longing and loneliness. The one where she is laying on her stomach and we don’t even see her face is amazing. We don’t need to see it to know what she is thinking and feeling. It almost feels more like a classic painting than an animation frame. I always cringe hearing “The medium of CG animation can communicate emotions more subtly than in hand drawn”. If these drawings don’t clearly communicate the antithesis to that statement, then I don’t know what to think.


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